Advertise your business on Edinburgh-RoseStreet from only £50/per annum (less than £1 per week) exclusively for businesses located on Edinburgh’s Rose Street. All our adverts link directly to your own website or chosen landing page. Direct Links feature in the directory pages ( Shops, Food & Drink etc… depending on the type of business with additional links on the Street Map and Members pages.

DIRECT LINKS PLUS covers 12 Edinburgh locations so if you have a business located in two or more of these sites or if you offer accommodation in central Edinburgh or have a generic business that offers services to multiple locations, you can advertise on additional sites for just +£10 per additional site (£50 p/a for one site, £60 for two, £70 for 3… Special Offer £150 for Direct Links on all 12 sites ) 

Enhance your listing with a large Banner Advert. These appear at the top of the Directory Pages and rotate as a slide show and link directly to your own chosen web page.

We also offer additional advertising for Edinburgh Events on and you can even offer your local products for sale on